The Theory Of Gender Being Biologically Determined Essay

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The theory of gender being biologically determined emphasized, in terms of western culture, that women were mediocre to men since they were associated in terms of domestic undertakings, hence, their primary role is reproduction and child care, while men and the public sphere of social responsibilities were co-related (Weber 1998, p.17). It was asserted that women wherever is associated with nature, to a degree due to their reproductive systems, while men were associated with culture. This is why nature compared to culture is considered mediocre, which accounts for the hierarchical relations between men and women (Lorber 1991, pp. 102-103). Sex then, as far as concerned, within the terms of western discourse, is something that distinguishes physical-genetic forms, whereas gender is the set of flexible constructions, socially bestowed to those differentiated bodies. In many illustrations, gender differences are internal to all physiologies and are part and parcel of/to how bodies are sexed. Based on Moore (1994, p.83), in such circumstances, it is obvious how gender is distinguished from sex, and, even more challenging, it is vague as to precisely what gender as a concept or category refers to should they not be grouped based on biology. Moreover, it has been suggested that “spatial ability is X-linked” and therefore displayed more frequently in males than females. This is because high levels of prenatal androgen increase brainpower and lower levels of…

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