The Theory Of Gender And Race Essay

1442 Words Nov 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Gender and race are two popular theories, in the sense that these theories are relevant today’s society as well as at the time when the theories were first analyzed. The two theories have similarities and differences in how to question the idea of power and how power is used in to subjugate woman and minorities. Feminist and gender theories and theories of race and racism are alike in how they were formed in society, and how both theories can be seen in an individual/group to show the oppression that occurs continuously throughout time. The theories also convey differences in how the theories demonstrate society’s way of implementing power over the people who are oppressed. The structure of theories are similar in the way the theories shift over time and how the theories are still relevant to today demonstrates the continuous oppression. Feminist and gender theories are seen in three waves, which is a way people separate the theory into different categories. For example, first wave was focused on the inequalities between men and women’s role and their power in politics. The second wave was similar when arguing about women’s role and power in politics, but feminism also focused on sexuality which was a bigger step into women’s right to their own body. The third wave encompassed all that was stated in the first and second, but their was realization that other people being oppressed, for example minorities were not being voiced. The way feminist and gender theory progressed…

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