The Theory Of Freedom And Slavery Essay

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The examined life is a concept that has been promoted for years by individuals from various backgrounds who have constantly searched for answers in everyday life. Each finds a way to justify the life they have lived, whether it be in their own eyes or in the eyes of God. They claim that a life in the pursuit of answers is a life that sets one free from the enslavement of earthly things, and they argue this life is superior. Though this may be true, what would happen if all humans were free or even if all were enslaved? In both cases, the society humans have created would cease to operate. The definitions of freedom and slavery, suggested by the aforementioned people, can be utilized to prove this. In a philosophical sense, slavery can be defined as living a life left unexamined, focusing on worldly tasks and order, whereas freedom is a life in constant pursuit of answers, leading to the advancement of society. Although freedom and slavery have opposing purposes, both are essential to the functionality of human society.
Slavery is an attachment to earthly possessions as well as earthly purposes and though an enslaved life is sometimes viewed as inferior, slavery is essential because if a society is to function, order must be upheld and the society must be maintained. People in slavery allow their earthly identities to define them, and can be identified by profession, social class or possessions, such as those Socrates challenges. He questions poets, politicians, craftsmen,…

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