The Theory Of Free Will Essay

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Free will is the known as the capability to decide between different potential courses of action and is a highly questioned topic in the philosophical world. Free will, also closely accompanied to the views of moral responsibility, has some philosophers reason that only actions which are free willed are justified to accept the blame of the action while other philosophers oppose this view. Baron d’Holbach views free will under the idea of Determinism, which entails that only one sequence of actions is possible, which concludes that there is no such thing as free will or choice in the truly deterministic world. In contrast, Compatibilist theorists, like Stace, assert that free will exists and can be well-matched with Determinism.
The first theory considered with the potentiality of free will is known as Determinism, which asserts that all events and every human action and choice, is the outcome of former causes that might or might not have been within the individuals control. In this viewpoint, the cause of all human behavior is based on the scientific standard of the physical laws of nature. Since everything has a root cause, a Determinist believes that there is no such thing as free will because all human actions are caused by external and prior events. The Deterministic philosopher, Baron d’Holbach, explains his perspective by insisting that humans likewise with all other living species in the natural world are both subjected to the causal laws of the universe. His point…

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