The Theory Of Family Therapy Essay

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Murray Bowen brought systems thinking and an evolutionary biology view of family emotions to a fledgling science that was mired in psychoanalytic thinking and approaches, creating instead a systemic, easily understood approach to family dysfunction. While he was himself not a psychologist, his impact on the field, particularly family therapy, is still felt today. Bowen family therapy has proven effective, popular, influential, and relevant since its initial development; it can be credited with inspiring the development of many subsequent family therapies, most of which are built around Bowenian ideology. The practice of his theories and therapies have been helping families repair and function for decades.
Murray Bowen was a medical doctor, who, after working with schizophrenic patients, formulated an effective and enduring therapy concerned with the way that families develop and function. In his view, family history forms the values and behaviors within families, and this is passed down generationally: the traits of the family of origin are transmitted, and repeated as learned. He used his own family as a model, and developed stages, goals, and interventions based on his theory. Bowen intended to move away from psychoanalytical approaches popular at the time, and considered his theory grounded in evolutionary biology (Titelman, 1998). Bowenian therapy views the family as a system, with its members being simultaneously interconnected and interdependent (Wilke, Wilke, &…

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