The Theory Of Evolution And Creationism Essay

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The theory of evolution was first formulated by Charles Darwin in the year of 1859. It is the theory that explains the process of natural selection and how species have changed over time and have had heritable physical and behavioural changes. Creationism is the belief that the universe and everything in it came from a higher being. There is no scientific evidence backing up the theory of creationism although it has a large following. Intelligent Design is another view that is similar to the idea of creationism yet not identical. Intelligent Design holds the belief that the cells and species are far too complex and intricate to have evolved and must have been designed by a higher intelligent being, thus being called intelligent design.

One major difference between Creationism and Intelligent Design carries an agnostic personality compared to Creationism that is literal reading of religious scriptures that have strict rules as to how it is interpreted. Creationists believe that the all the species we have on Earth now were created by the actions of a higher being. Intelligent Design only states that the species we have now could not have possibly come to life without being created by an intelligent designer and therefore not stating that it is all a result of a higher being. The designer, in theory, can be anyone or anything. Because the theory of intelligent design is so flexible and lacks commitment to anything, it can coincide with different styles of creationism and can…

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