Essay on The Theory Of Ethical Decision

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When the Jonsen, Siegler, Winslade “4 Topics” Model of ethical decision is applied to the case of Mrs. Lee, one can wonder what the true wishes of Mrs. Lee are. The family seems to do all the interaction with the medical staff, while Mrs. Lee just accepts whatever treatment is recommended for her.
The first topic of medical indications includes “the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, and how the patient can benefit—if at all—from treatment” (Schumann JH, Alfandre D). Mrs. Lee was initially diagnosed with pneumonia, which was then found out to be caused by obstructing bronchial squamous cell carcinoma with lymph node and adrenal gland metastasis. Since the medical staff found the cause, it provided an option for treatment of intravenous antibiotics and palliative radiation therapy. In best case scenario, the radiation therapy and antibiotics would hopefully prolong the life and rid Mrs. Lee of her disease, seeing as she is only 49 years old. This would seem to coincide with the principle of beneficence in that the health care team is acting in the best interest of Mrs. Lee and ensuring she receives the best overall care. The radiation therapy may also carry negative health-related consequences. This may affect the principal of non-maleficence or “do no harm” in that the side effects may be harming Mrs. Lee in hopes for her recovery. If treatment is successful, Mrs. Lee can prolong her life versus not having any treatment at all.
The next topics of patient preferences…

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