The Theory Of Cultural Relativism Essay

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Researcher’s Paradigms Theoretical framework in this proposed study is, by the nature of the subject’s complexity, multifaceted and is covered in part in the following methodology section. It is asserted axiom that Cross cultural Christian education requires a missiological frame of reference. As a subject embedded in a foreign cultural setting, the question of cultural relativism however needs to be addressed. The researcher will work from a biblically informed critical realist perspective which embraces the idea of a supra-cultural biblical reality (Kraft, 1979). The questions which will be asked on the field and developed in naturalistic inquiry will come from the author’s informed missiological perspective. Missional education must have a theological perspective which addresses the soteriological view of knowledge (P. Hiebert, 1993), as well as a view on the religious integration of education (P. Downs, 2001). Missional education must also have an educational perspective which is appropriate to the context. For example, in Dubai - the underbelly of the desert miracle - there is arguably an enslaved expatriate work force. Given the oppression under rule, transformational learning theory as part of social studies curriculum should be researched and contextually reflected upon (Freire, & Macedo, 2013), But should such issues be addressed in a social studies curriculum or should parallel historical issues such as the US southern response to the civil…

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