The Theory Of Critical Theory Essay

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Critical Theory
In order to comprehend the ideas behind critical theory, one must examine the postmodern criminological thought towards critical theory. According to Lilly, Cullen, and Ball (2015), “crime is not simply a violation of formal law or an objective fact that can be discovered by using the scientific method” (p. 210). This means that the application of the five (5) step scientific method simply does not need to be applied in order to “scientifically” understand critical theory. However, the scientific method can be applied to the critical theory, by asking the question of who causes crime? With the vast amount of critical theorists, research has been collected and conducted over decades through the application of critical observation of societies, specifically observing political shifts and the implications that follow. Observing changes in society and how they affect crime drew critical theorists create a hypothesis about crime. According to Fix (2015), if politics changes in society, then the law, common law, and other rules will change, ultimately causing crimes to change as well (personal communication, October 1, 2015). The independent variable in critical theory is twofold; it can focus on a shift of power with in society and the crime that results from the shifts. The dependent variable is that a crime will happen when a political, societal, or economic change occurs due to the powerful. Many of the theorists tested this hypothesis through…

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