Essay on The Theory Of Crime And Delinquency

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Francis Cullen has developed a different sort of integrated theory of crime and delinquency. Cullen concentrates on the theme of social support implicit in many of the other theories and uses ten propositions to construct an integrated theory around this theme. Instrumental support can be seen as when an offender receives concrete aid in finding a job, receiving a grant for scholarship, and receive a loan from another source. Many theories say delinquents are very antisocial which leads to them turning to a life a crime. If an individual does not have a group which they can belong to, they will most likely turn to negative behavior which leads to a life a crime.
Not everybody is sociable, but the small percentage of the delinquents feels as such they are an outcast to the world. That can be a very disheartening feeling to anyone. If people do not feel welcomed earlier on they will most likely not try to interact with others.
They will not even have the desire to want to interact with other human beings. If an adolescent feels left out they will most likely out lash violently. Most adolescents deal with high stress on the daily basis which can trigger their anxiety and self-control at any moment. As if every young person is sociable, confident, and have high self-esteem they will not have a lash out, because they interact with others and get their desire out of have that.
Cullen’s Social Support Theory consist of ten propositions and the first proposition deals with how the…

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