The Theory Of Creationism On Public Schools Essay example

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The argument started in 1859 when Charles Darwin published a book, named The Origin of Species. This book gave birth to the idea of Evolution. Evolution is defined by Webster as “a theory that the difference between modern plants and animals are because of changes that happened by a natural process over a very long time” (“Evolution”). Before Darwin had published his book most people believed in Creationism. Webster Dictionary defines Creationism as “the belief that God created all things out of nothing as described in the Bible” (“Creationism”). Creationism was a huge part of children’s lives. Schools across the country were teaching Creationism to children without a complaint from parents. Our students are slowly losing their voices in the classroom, teachers are enforcing opinions on students that causes them to refrain from making their own choices; however, if we teach Creationism in public schools, we give students their voices back.
Some people state that if we were to teach Creationism, we would be violating the Separation of Church and State; however, the Separation of Church and State cannot be found in any legal document, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and even the Amendments to the Constitutions (Wellman). In the Scopes Trial of 1925, also known as the “Monkey Trial,” John Scopes was found guilty of teaching Evolution in a public school in Tennessee. The plaintiff’s attorney, William Jennings Bryan, argued that if Creationism could…

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