The Theory Of Constraints And How That Theory Changed The Business World

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The book discussed the theory of constraints and how that theory changed the business world in America. The theory stated that every organization, does not matter how good they are, has partially one constraint that reduces its achievement. You can diminish constraints and work more professionally toward achieving your goals by working through these steps, identify the organization’s constraint, decide how to exploit the organization’s constraint, subordinate everything else to the above decision, promote the organization’s constraints, and the last step is if the constraint has not been achieve go back to step one. I use to work for Forever 21, a well-known clothing store. Many customers said I was lucky to work there because I got to see the new products and got to purchase them before anyone else. As the customers kept mentioning to me how cool it was for me to be working there I kept thinking to myself, “You have no idea how difficult it is working here.” I would sometimes stay till 3 in the morning cleaning the store with other sales associates and one assist manager. We had to make sure that everything was perfect, so when they open the store everything looked good. The store manager hosted a meeting with the managers and all the sales associates, she discussed how she noticed that we were not making LY (last year’s sales) and we were using too many hours this is similar to the first step of the theory of constraint.
After the store manager identify the constraint,…

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