The Theory Of Climate Change Essays

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The theory of climate change, also known as global warming, has been an ever growing topic researched for hopes of one day figuring the cause of it. Studies held over the last few decades have indicated a slight rise in the Earth’s temperature annually and scientist and environmentalist have made it their goal to find the root of this global temperature increase hoping that there will be some cure to bring climate change to a halt. Like many hot topics that deal with some sort of danger or something that has an effect on everyone around the world, there are almost always at least two different views that can both be taken with consideration. When it comes to climate change or anything however that has brought harm to the environment and the ecosystem, believe it or not we are very quick to place blame on ourselves. With the birth of the industrial age and everything that has come along after it, we have been constantly polluting the waters and atmosphere. A researcher by the name of Ellie Zolfagharifard, wrote a column for Daily Mail about how much carbon emission that we have been producing over the last century or better. Some very solid points were gathered from her article. One being that if we burn fuel at our current rate the melting of Greenland and Antarctica alone 'translates into a sea level rise of 80 to 170 ft. As a result of this enormous sea level rise major cities such as New York, London, and Shanghai will be completely submerged. (Zolfagharifard) There is…

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