Essay about The Theory Of Climate Change

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Scientists have been studying the theory of climate change for decades and centuries. The theory of climate change was first put into question by scientists in the late nineteenth century. However, it was not until the mid twentieth century that scientists and researchers started looking deeper into the prevailing issue of climate change and what it encompasses. The following essay will include and describe the issue of climate change, how climate change affects biotic and abiotic factors of the earth, for example, the health of human beings and the health of the environment, and finally, what factors contribute and are contributing to the issue of climate change.
What is Climate? Climate is the long-term combination of effects from atmospheric variations. Over shorter periods of time, climate is generally referred to as weather. Climate typically refers to a specific classification of a geographical location or region; it is determined by many factors which include: elevation, the movement of air (currents), proximity to oceans and their influences (currents), location of the geographical region, and so on. There are many different types of climates, but the main ones can be described as, “Tropical, Dry, Mild, Continental, and Polar.” (Jaszewski, Costa, Turgeon, 2011) The several different types of climates that are listedshow just how much of a variation there is of enviornmental conditions and what exactly defines a climate as it is; these conditions include: weather,…

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