The Theory Of Attachment Return Essay

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In the late 1950, there were a lot of controversies whether babies are passive or active babies. According to baby expert, babies couldn’t recognize faces and color; babies were a bundle of reflexes. However, this wasn’t true at all. In the Competent Infant, he shows the opposite of what the baby’s expert said. Babies paid attention to people. Suddenly, researcher was contacting Harlow to know more about his study. The aspect that made Harlow different than other researchers is that he truly advocate for what he believe. He didn’t stop until he convinced them. Harlow made the theory of attachment return to the spotlight. Monkeys provide awareness on child rearing. In addition, Harlow wants people to see the connection between primate work and how it supported human behavior. In the Competent Infant, Stone concluded that babies are dependent to their mothers. Babies see their mother as first object they see in the world. A baby learns to recognize their mother face and can distinguish their mother out of a group. In the Harlow’s study, the both mother created dysfunctional children. The worst were the children of the wire mother than the cloth mother. Harlow began to questioned the connection between the baby and mother relationship. Levine also agrees with Harlow, but he added another aspect to his study. Levine’s study was a 3 groups of rats: the first group would stay with their mom in the cage, the second group would be taken out of the cage and received a mild…

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