Essay about The Theory Of Attachment And The Parent And Child

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Throughout history, in the majority of families, a bond between the parent and child is evident. This bond can be considered what scholars refer to as “attachment”. The theory of attachment has undergone much research among scholars and a large amount of them have agreed that there are four types of attachment. An example of this research is the “Strange Situation”. To begin, I will describe each of the four types and provide examples to help better one’s understanding. Later, I will explain why scenario one is secure attachment and scenario two is insecure-resistant attachment. Although there is only two types in the given scenarios, there is actually four main categories or types. The first type of attachment is called secure-attachment. I actually believe I would have identified with this type the most. Secure-attachment is when toddlers use their caregiver, majority of the time it being the mother, as a secure foundation. In the Strange Situation the toddles used this secure foundation to explore the room. In this certain situation only the mother and the toddler are present, but upon separation, the toddlers tend to cry or show some sort of vocalization. However, when the mother returns they become happy and go to her to be held. The second type of attachment is Insecure-avoidant attachment. The toddlers in this situation showed little to no interaction with the present mother as well as no reaction when she left or returned. It was noted that when the…

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