The Theory Of A Child 's Development Essay

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There are numerous theories in regards to a child’s development. There are both maori and western based theorists. In this essay I will discuss in detail a maori theorist, Mason Durie (1938-present) and a western theorist, Urie Brofenbrenner (1917-2005). I will cover the key ideas and focuses of their theories. I will relate the ideas and focuses to real life situations, to identify the importance of their theories. Lastly I will reflect and examine the theories and what implications they will have on myself as an aspiring teacher.

Mason Durie
Durie was an easy choice of a maori theorist for me, as I was very familiar with his model of theory, whare tapa wha. The whare tapa wha is his representation of a person’s complete well-being. The whare tapa wha is a house that represents the four aspects he believes a person needs in order to be holistically healthy. He believes that if one side of the whare tapa wha is affected, the house will start to take on this effect and the other sides will soon follow. The four sides to his whare tapa wha are; taha tinana, taha wairua, taha hinengaro and taha whanau.
Taha wairua is about being spiritually healthy. That you’re looking after the unseen energy in your body. As Durie (1994) states “belief in god is one reflection of wairua, but it is also evident in relationships with the environment” (p.71). Taha tinana is all about the bodily aspects of your health. The key focus is ensuring there is a “clear separation of tapu…

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