The Theory Of A Career As A Counselor Essay

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Embarking on a career as a counselor, being knowledgeable of the different theoretical
Approaches and which ones coincide and more efficiently fit into your worldview as it pertains to individual’s ability to change, values and human nature are essential to the therapeutic process. Understanding the approaches is an important aspect of the process, but the counselor ability to be aware and respectful of the client 's values, thought and beliefs are equally vital to the counselor 's effectiveness.
This paper will provide an in-depth analysis of the Adlerian Theory and a perspective from the author ' as it pertains to the change process, problems, solutions, human behaviors, and the author 's implementation of the theories. While, capturing my world view and incorporating a perspective of life experience to validate the theoretical exploration of Adlerian therapy, for gathering an understand of these theories as a form of counseling techniques. Also, providing an explanation of the counselor’s role and the value each approach offers to the therapeutic relationship. The critiques are intended to provide both approval and negative aspects of employing the methods as a means of therapeutic intervention
World View
My personal view of the world is that humans are a product of past experiences and those of the dominant society. However, we choose whether to accept the stories of our past as the truth of what we have to offer ourselves and the broader community. Our lives undergo…

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