The Theory, Human Resource, Political, And Symbolic Essay

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According Bolman and Gallos (2011) the multiframe or four frame theories are necessary in order for higher education institutions to thrive. When viewed as paradigms, the four frames are entitled: structure, human resource, political, and symbolic. However, when viewed as metaphor’s they are known as: machine, family, jungle, and theater. The machine theory suggest universities and colleges have roles that they play that requires their staff and facility; as well as students to be align with their overall goals. This is similar to a machine, and how each part has to contribute and align in order to work properly. The family metaphor relies on a “symbiotic relationship between people and organizations” (Bolman & Gallos, 2011, pp. 12). Each person has their own set of talent and skills that they bring to the table. Each person has their own set of energy and contribution that they give off to help their ‘family’ or co-workers. The Jungle theory suggest that the college or university is similar to that of the jungle, in which different species have to learn how to co-exist for one common goal regardless as to which one is the pray or the predator. The theater theory captures the drama that surrounds higher education institutions and how different cultures and assigned roles work together to create “artistry” or life that is fueled with “energy and soul” (Bolman & Gallos, 2011, pp. 12).
Among these leadership frames, Brittney believes the structural or mechanical frame is the…

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