The Theory Application Paper : Virginia Henderson

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Theory Application Paper
Virginia Henderson was well known as a theorist, educator, researcher, author, and scholar. Henderson was often referred to as the mother of nursing in the modern day era ("Virginia Avenel Henderson," 1996). The need theory developed by Henderson was based on her nursing practice and education (Wills, 2014). Henderson’s work regarding the function of the nurse is a synthesis of both positive and negative influences (Henderson, 1964). The need theory developed by Henderson stressed the importance of assisting the patient toward independence in meeting the fourteen basic human needs which is the basis of nursing care (Henderson, 1991). Henderson’s need theory saw the mind and body as working together and were inseparable (Henderson, 1964). Henderson’s need theory withstands the test of time because the theory is based on basic human needs of the patient and is applicable to a multitude of health care settings. Henderson referred to her theory as a concept which has no limits except those imposed by the imagination and competence of those utilizing it (Henderson, 1978).
Theory Development
Henderson’s theory was influenced by the experiences she encountered over the years. Henderson (1964) explained her first nursing experience was in a general hospital during basic training where care was practiced and based on the textbook. Nursing care was limited to routines and techniques that followed the physician orders but did not incorporate the…

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