The Theory And Theory Of Manhood Essay examples

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The introduction to this experiment goes over the background knowledge and purpose of this entire experiment along with the ideas/theories and hypothesis as well. Starting off with the background knowledge, two scientists named Vandello and Bosson, made the assumption in their research Precarious Manhood that the whole concept of manhood is “hard won and easily lost.” This means that it is easy for the title of “manhood” to be revoked from men and close to impossible to gain it back fully and maintain that title at all times. Vandello and Bosson found out that men mostly react in extreme stereotypical ways (aggression or high stress) when their manhood seems to be at risk or threatened. The primary stereotype men follow is showing their aggressive side and this leads into more narrowed down categories where men act as if they can endure more pain than women. This idea has yet to be proven which makes it a factor in men trying to protect their manhood. All of this background knowledge finally leads to the purpose, ideas/theories behind the experiment, and the hypothesis of the researchers. The main purpose of this experiment was to analyze the effects on men when their manhood was threatened do to the belief that they have to uphold their manhood at all times. The theories/ ideas that were carried along before the experiment was performed were that masculinity can be seen as a relational, contextual, and dynamic process of construction. Upon this there were several…

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