The Theory And The Routine Activity Theory Essay

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In this essay the two criminolgy theories that will be compared and contrasted is the Self- Control theory and the Routine Activity theory. These are two extremely well known and popular theories in the field of criminology today. The Self- Control theory refers to the lack of self-control a person or offender has which can lead that person to commit different crimes. Offenders will commit crimes without even thinking about the consequences. The Routine Activity theory refers to the fact that daily activities or routines people have create perfect chances for crimes to be commited against them and their property. Offenders in this case will take full advantage of people 's daily routines to commit crimes of opportunities. The Self-Control theory is sometimes also referred to as the general theory of crime. This theory was created by Travis Hirschi and Michael Gottfredson who were known criminologists. This theory put the responsibility of crime on people or offenders lacking in self-control. People who lack in selfcontrol often are impulsive in their decisions, which may lead them to commit crimes on a whim. Some offenders with low self-control can not help but commit crimes because they do not stop and think about the consequences or repercussions that may come from that crime. They like to take risks for what they want. For example a man may rob a store because he needs money but he will not think about what will happen if he does rob that store. Most of the offenders…

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