The Theory And Ecological Perspective : A Case Study Vignette That Is Based On A Seven Year Old European

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A theoretical analysis will be conducted on a case study vignette that is based on a seven year old European-American girl named Emma. The theoretical analysis will explore the factors of the case study with a holistic approach in order gain an all-inclusive perspective. Specifically, the following factors will be addressed in the assessment: biological, neurobiological, psychological, social, and the developmental aspects of Emma. Further, the systems theory and the ecological perspective will be employed as methods of explaining presenting issues of the case.
Presenting Problems As noted in the case study, Emma was referred to the Family Services Agency by her pediatrician for further assessments of behavioral problems after a recent well child examination. Emma’s mother claims that she is presenting with increase behavioral problems to include frequent tantrums, yelling, talking back, throwing things when angry, frustrated, and “baby like” behavior. Emma is also experiencing academic difficulties and while in school concentration, task completion, sitting still, emotional regulation and social interaction have become problematic.
Biological & Neurobiological Factors The case study has identified Emma as a child seven years of age who has experienced sexual abuse while in preschool by the school staff member. The trauma relating to the sexual abuse effects Emma biologically and neurobiologically because of the implications that acute stress has on a child’s brain…

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