The Theories Of Motivation Are Interesting Essay

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The theories regarding motivation are interesting this week. I have yet to be employed anywhere that used all or even most of these in their totality. My small business experience did not have evidence of any of these at all. In the mid-size business, some may have a C+ effort. The larger business would have the ground work in place and a written process, but would never exceed in a true effective implementation.
Some of the reason for the differences would lay clearly in the financial impact. Small business are often in survival mode and are just happy someone shows up every day. They have limited resources beyond a pat-on-the back. Large companies think they are doing this from the top level, but as the mandates are pushed downward in the chain of command they lose effectiveness with each level. The mid-sized companies may research, consult and implement a fragmented representation but, here again, there are economic limitations to the theories as well as buy-in from managers and supervisors. There are also the lack of proper skills to deliver the motivational “products” in their entirety.
My experience in the larger companies also has to do with time. The managers are so pressured for time and numbers to feed into statistical excellence that the effort for motivation lies merely in a yearly check-this-off-my-list exercise. This is followed up with a “Thank God no one has left” attitude because I don’t have time to interview, hire and train new people.

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