The Theories Of Halo Effect Theory Essay

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This paper attempts to address the following Theories: Halo Effect, Attributive Theory, Bystander effect in relation to the theories of…
Halo Effect Theory:
Edward Thorndike developed the theory; Halo Effect to describe impressions we form of others and the transfer of such impressions to another based on a stereotypical opinion we have formed from that ‘universal’ assumption drawn from one person or an individual unto another. For instance, the impression that the populations in Africa have of politician is meshed in the stereotype that they are not worthy of their trust, such impression will usually be transferred to another politically inclined individual regardless of his high moral standards. Those positive impressions that they have about such an individual become eroded once he attempts to vie for a public office.
However, that is in one way, another would be the effect it could have if the impression perceived of an individual is positive, an individual with a sinister plan could use the positive impression to manipulate the population. For instance, some pastors in Nigeria have gained so much respect and recognition that their congregation would give their babies names of these pastors; they have built an idea associated with success with the names in their mind. Consequently, few of them that had been caught in the web of scandals have been let off the hook because the cognitive bias of their population kicked in.
The Halo effect as a theory conversely prompts a…

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