The Theories Of Aristotle And Bentham Essay

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Thousands of dogs and cats enter animal shelters everyday without the hope of ever leaving. They often end up in these shelters due to the owner’s lack of responsibility or ability to care for the animal; many become lost and wander the streets until found, while others are the result of irresponsible backyard breeding. Shelters euthanize millions of these animals every year in the U.S. due to the lack of adoption because a large number of people would prefer to buy a pet from a pet store or private breeder causing the shelters to overflow with unwanted animals. Adopting a pet is an action that everyone should practice, or at least give great consideration to. I argue that by performing this action, we will not only bring ourselves satisfaction by performing this good deed but will also bring happiness to the life of a deserving animal, making it an ethical and good action. This paper will draw on the theories of Aristotle and Bentham to support my argument and will also consider objections that opposing parties may raise.
Aristotle claimed that he could tell you what characteristics and virtues were needed in order to live a good life, which is known as virtue ethics. He believed that a life worth living was one that practiced both pure reason and practical reason. He defined practical reason as the rationale concerned with actions in both personal and civic life. In order to practice practical reason you need to have the correct virtues that will lead to your happiness…

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