The Theories Of An Individual Store Information And Integrates It

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that at times certain individual may exhibit behaviors that are inherent or incongruent with their common behaviors. For instance, a usually friendly person may become hostile when forced to work on certain things against his/her will.
Generally, Allport argued that there are internal and external drives that attune a person to behave uniquely and he hypothesized that theses impetus are phenotypes and genotypes. He pointed out that phenotypes are external forces that dictates the way a person agrees to his/her environment and the way other people influence his/her behavior. Genotypes internal forces that responsible in how an individual stores information and utilizes it.
Healthy and unhealthy personalities
Sigmund Freud formed psychoanalytic theory that focuses on human behavior as a resultant of interactions of the id, ego, and superego (Sletvold, 2013). That is, based on psychoanalytic theory, an individual’s behavior and his/her personality later in life is determined at the age five and is influenced by early childhood experiences engrafted in the subconscious mind. Based on the psychoanalytic theory, healthy behavior or a healthy individual is a person whose ego is the robust part of his personality. That is, the person is able to control his relationship and interactions with other people. On the other hand, unhealthy person is that who has unable to manage his/her superego (Sletvold, 2013) and has criminality behavior or involves in criminal activities like…

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