The Theories Of A Self Assessment Essay

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A self-assessment is a thorough evaluation of one’s self and actions and attitudes. When thinking about personal self-assessment approaches or ideas, there are seven theories that come to play when describing a person’s self-assessment. All humans are required to have contrasting personalities and in doing so, scientist and personality theorists come up with several approaches that distinct human beings from one another; some people may have the same personalities, some people may have the same personalities, these seven approaches are what describes people in general. The seven approaches are Freudian, Neo-Freudian, Trait, Biological, Humanistic, Social/Behavioral, and Cognitive. Not each person will have the same approach to their personal self, therefore, when it comes to my personal self-assessment, I am convinced that the Neo-Freudian, Behavioral and Humanistic theory characterize who I am and will give thorough evaluation of my personality.
Neo-Freudian Approach The first method will be the Neo-Freudian Approach this expanded the theories that Freud created and changed the adaptation to incorporate different beliefs of his colleagues/students it focused less on sex and more on social factors. Alfred Adler, Carl Jung, Erik Erikson and Karen Horney were followers of Freud who went on and created their own unique theories of personality. This first quiz I took that was related to this approach was the “Attachment Style Quiz” my results were 5.3 Dismissive, 4.8 Fearful,…

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