The Theories And Limitations Of Social Work Essay

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There are two theories in which this essay will investigate, reflect as well as discuss its relevance and limitations. The first theory is the life course perspective and the other is the strengths perceptive. Both of these theories will be analyzed and critiqued throughout the paper. This essay will be divided into subsections that will cover what the theory is, each theories strengths and limitations, the relevance and importance of each theory in relation to social work, how these theories overlap and lastly, its relevance through empirical research.
Life course perspective was developed in the 1960’s and primarily focused on analyzing the lives of people through social, structural and cultural contexts (Hutchinson, 2013). This perspective focuses on the history of a person and analyzes how said historical experiences effect lifestyle decisions (Hutchinson, 2013). There are six major themes addressed in this the life course perspective are, interplay of human lives which focuses on differing historical world. Interdependent lives which Focus is on how individuals, families and grades are interconnected through various levels. Timing of life which brings an element of order and predictability to our lives and behaviors. The human agency theme focuses on the ability of an individual’s power to pursue and successfully obtain their goals. The diversity in life course trajectories which discusses how various diversity within an individual’s life to…

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