Essay on The Theoretical Frameworks Of Sociology

815 Words Oct 9th, 2015 4 Pages
I must say this has been a very challenging and interesting course to take. Learning about sociology has given me a better understanding of people and their behaviors. Our society is constantly changing, so with sociology, it helps to understand it all. Learning more about sociology allows me to take these skills and apply it to my life. There are a few concepts that I found very interesting throughout this course. The first thing I will be taking away from this course will be the three theoretical frameworks of sociology. Every life situation can be categorized into either: functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interaction theory. Emile Durkheim’s work helped develop functionalism, focusing on society as a whole. Conflict theory explained through the work of Karl Marx, focused on the different social classes, races, and genders. The symbolic interaction theory, based off of Mead’s work, provided an understanding of symbolic meanings and how people behave. Although, these are considered hypothetical perspectives, it is a tool that I will use to help decipher life situations. I already started using these different perspectives in my life by observing my family, friends, and random people I talk to. Everyone’s norms are different, so I feel that these perspectives are necessary stepping-stones to better understand who they are and why they choose to do behave a certain way. As I get ready to enter the nursing field, I will need these different frameworks to…

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