The Theoretical Foundations Of The Research Essay

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2. Literature review
The theoretical foundations of the research lay within two streams of literature that on study team, and that on emergent leadership. First we will review the prior studies of study teams.
2.1 Study Team
Study on study team is not new. However, the terms used for the study team are not consistent in different researches. ‘problem-solving group’ (Oh, 2012), ‘learning group’ (Yager, Johnson & Johnson, 1985) and ‘task group’ (Gladstein, 1984) emerge in literatures because of different research aims and contexts. Furthermore, most of the researches focus on the teams in organizational settings and children teams in educational context. Few study focus on the study team in higher educational context. Before we define the study team in the study, it is necessary to make clear what team is, as study teams this research studies on share some common characteristics with other kinds of teams.
The definition of team is connected with the definition of groups. Most of definitions of team classify team as a type of group (Levi, 2003). Hoegl and Gemuenden define team as:
A social system of three or more people, which is embedded in a organization (context), whose members perceive themselves as such and perceived as members by others (identity), and who collaborate on a common task (teamwork). (2001, p.436)
From this definition we could find some distinctions of team: (a) team members need to achieve a common goal, (b) every single team member is accountable for the…

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