The Themes Of Revenge In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The play of Hamlet consist of many themes one being revenge. Throughout the play Williams Shakespeare portrays to us that revenge causes people to act foolish because they are angry. In this play Shakespeare brings forth the three characters Hamlet, Laertes and Fortinbras who wants revenge on another character. As a human this expected, and I think that all three of them all try to show that it is their job to take over the things that their fathers did but at the same time they are grieving. However, in this play these men put virtue to the test and let their wrong doings get the best of them which eventually leads to of them and other charters to their death.
Hamlet is out to seek revenge on his uncle Claudius who is now the new king of Denmark. In the beginning of the play the ghost of Old Hamlet appears and tells Prince Hamlet that he has been killed by his own brother. He tell Hamlet that he needs to seek revenge on Claudius. Throughout the entire play he test his own virtue. As a reader I know that he is letting the ghost and his emotions
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Whose father was killed by Prince Hamlets father during a fight the two had. Old Hamlet took some land from Fortinbras and now Prince Fortinbras wants to attack Denmark in honor of his father. He get together soldiers however Claudius sends ambassadors to Norway hoping to stop the attack on them. In the end everyone who is a part of the royal family of Denmark are dead leaving no one on the throne Luckily for Fortinbras he was crowned the new King of Denmark which is what he wanted all along. I think that Fortinbras reconsiders his wrong doing when the ambassadors were sent to him. He must have realized that thing could go pretty bad if he would attack Denmark. Out of all three of the boys Fortinbras benefited the most because he had not killed anyone and he still got the revenge that he wanted. Good things comes to those who wait and that is just what happen to

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