The Themes Of Reputation In Ibo's Things Fall Apart

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There were many type of writing style used in the story Things Fall Apart. In the story the author tend to use a lot of words from Ibo. One of the themes of Things Fall Apart is Reputation. Unoka did not have a good reputation in the village he lived in. One of the scenarios in the story that dealt with reputation was the villagers of Umuofia considered issues in people life an abomination; they were placed in the evil forest when they died. For example, Unoka was placed in the Evil Forest because he had a swelling in the stomach and the limbs. He was in debt and was not good at harvesting corps. Unoka wife and children did not have enough food to eat.
Okonkwo had a great reputation in Umuofia. When people win wrestling contest, this was a
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When Okonkwo was a child, his father was not a good farmer. The disasdvantage Okonkwo had over other young men in the village he grew up in was he did not inherit a farm. However, he was still good at harvesting crops. He started out with harvesting when a wealthy man named Nwakibie give him four hundred see yams. His father died from a swelling in the stomach and the limbs. In the culture of Umuofia, if someone death was caused by swelling, they were placed in a forest called the Evil Forest because it was an abomination to bury them in the earth.
In chapter four, Ikemefuna missed his home but eventually felt a part of Okonkwo family. Ikemefuna shares stories with Okonkwo’s family. Okonkwo beats his youngest wife named Ojiugo because she did not cook dinner. She went to braid her hair instead. He also insults a man at a meeting.
In chapter five the village prepares for the feast of new yams. The Feast of New Yams was a holiday celebrated to give thanks to the earth goddess. Okonkwo does not like to celebrate holidays because people waste their time in not get work done. In chapter six there was a wrestling match. The wrestling match was among teenage boys between the age of fifteen and
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Okonkwo felt that Nwoye was becoming tough and manly because he have been hanging out with Ikemefuna. Okonkwo viewed Nwoye becoming tough and manly was positive. A man named Ogbuefi Ezeudu visit Okonkwo and tells him that Ikemefuna must be killed. However, he tells Okonkwo not to murder Ikemefuna. Okonkwo murders Ikemefuna.
In chapter eight Okonkwo became depress because he murdered Ikemefuna. He could not eat and sleep. In chapter nine Okonkwo finally was able to sleep and eat properly. Okonkwo’s wife name Ekwefi tell him that his daughter Ezinma is dying. Ekwefi gave birth to other children before Ezinma. These other children died. In chapter ten, the village of Umuofia held a ceremony to resolve a conflict that a husband and wife had. The conflict was a husband beating his wife led to her staying away from him. The husband was told not to beat his wife again or else his gentals would be cut off.
In chapter eleven, there were folktale story telling among Okwonko’s wives and children. Ekwefi tells Ezinma a story about a tortoise and some birds. In the story about the tortoise and the bird, the tortoise caused the birds to be angry. The anger of one of the birds led to them causing the tortoise to break his shell in peaces. In chapter twelve the village of Umuofia celebrate the marriage of Obreikka’s daughter

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