The Themes Of Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Register to read the introduction… Eros showed the love of affection, Phileo showed the love of friendship, Storage showed the love of family and relatives, and Agape shower unconditional love. One of the mot famous love stories of today, Westside Story many elements from another famous story Romeo and Juliet, takes of love was borrowed. In these instances, Westside Story mirrored Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. There were several similarities noted from the characterization to the plot, however they were different. In Westside Story, characters shared personalities with those of Romeo and Juliet. The families played a part also; the Capulet’s and Montague are well represented, by two gangs, the Sharks and the Jets. Both being ineffective rulers’ officer Krumple and the Prince struggle to keep peace if their cities both to no avail and warned. Due to their different up bringing and background, Tony being affiliated with the Jets and Maria, with the Sharks, Tony and Maria forbidden love much like Romeo and Juliet. …show more content…
It is better to be love or hated. In the movie The Prince, Machiavelli states, it is better, to be hated than loved as a leader. I don’t agree, with him for it is much better to be love than hated. If loved, first it is harder actually to hate you later. Certain people like Alexander the Great and Caesar both loved while they ruled. Human nature affects the way people respond to things and how a Prince treats his people, and affects if a ruler is loved or even hated. Some people naturally liked and some are not. People judge leaders on their accompaniments during their

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