The Themes Of Lady Wisdom

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Chapters 1-9 - A collection of poems directed to an audience of ancient Israelite culture (“my son”). These poems are based on presenting to different lifestyles. These lifestyles are lead by wisdom and foolishness.
Chapters 10-29 - These chapters follow the themes of wisdom and foolishness, but not in a poetic form. These chapters include wise sayings, and some researchers believe that these chapters would have been taught in schools.
Chapters 30-31 - The last two chapters contain a mixture of sayings and poems, which cause confusion when attempting to characterize the chapters. There are some conversations about the Israelite wisdom tradition with the wisdom traditions of other cultures. What is the main purpose of the book of Proverbs?
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A literary structure in which two or three lines repeat the same form or content. In Proverbs, the parallelism is based on describing an action or principle with the counteracting action or principle (wisdom and foolishness). Antithetical parallelism is the dominant form witness in Proverbs. Who is Lady Wisdom?
Lady Wisdom is the voice of Proverbs and she claims to have been with God during the creation of the human beings based on chapters 1-8. Chapter 9 introduces another character that contrasts Lady Wisdom. “Lady Folly” who is connected to a prostitute who seduces people into her house. Scholars discuss Lady Wisdom’s purpose and placement in Proverbs. Some say metaphorical figure, and other mention that she may reflect an Israelite goddess. What is the beginning of knowledge?
The beginning of knowledge is connected to the idea of living a life where we are solely connected with God. Our decisions are based on what God would want us to and not to do. We care about what the Lord thinks about our actions. As the Bible describes it, “The fear of God” (1:7).
2. Read Proverbs 1.8-19; 2.1-22; 3.1-35; 4.1-27; and 5.1-22. List 5 things that a child should remember
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Summarize with 3-4 statements Proverbs 7, "The False Attractions of Adultery."
Lady Wisdom begins with reminding the reader about keeping her words in the reader’s heart, so they will respond appropriately to life 's tempting dangers. As an example, Lady Wisdom describes a prostitute whom waits for men to come by her home. She describes her home to the man, and seduces him inside for sinful games. Lady Wisdom states that the man was walking to his death for her house is like approaching the chambers of death.
4. Proverbs 16.1-22.16, known as the "royal" collection, depict values and settings of a court. Choose 2 of the proverbs in this collection and apply them to your life.
(16:17) - This verse is about avoiding evil and preserving their lives. I have always avoided situations where danger or risk is involved. If I notice that a situation is about to get risky, I either fix the problems or I leave the situation. This characteristic led to my father calling me the “no problem child.”
(16:32) - This verse is about wise individuals benefit from containing their anger in life. I always seek peaceful ways to solve problems. It takes quite a bit of pressure and stress before I become angry, and I am thankful that I can contain my anger and frustrations in times of

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