Harry Potter Movie Vs Book

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People who love reading books will know or hear at least once time about Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling. In these novels, the author tells about a young wizard who has a lightning scar on his right forehead. He is brand-new to everything; however, he decides to take a trip to the Hogwarts. In there, he knows Hermione and Ron, Harry 's best friends. They all grow up and against the dark side together. Why is this series so familiar? There are many positions which can cause it becomes attractive such as the plot, how the author portrays the characters, etc. In additional, the readers can learn few things based on the theme that the author wants to share. From this stuff, Rowling published one of the best series ever. First of all, I mention of the plot of these books in this series. They all connect to each other very tight between the books. The time flows from when Harry is eleven in the first book until he reaches seventeen in the last book. The author described the circumstances that a group of friends, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, face in each book, which represents one year they are in Hogwarts. There are many exciting …show more content…
K. Rowling adds many creatures that they are not real. We just hear about them in the fairy tale books that our parents told us before going to bed when we were a kid. Some of them are in the Myth, also. There are many of them, but I just remember some: Mermaid, Dragon, Hippogriff, Phoenix, etc. The creature that I love the most in these series is Phoenix because it is gorgeous. It is the symbol of the fire and the rebirth. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret, the author describes that when the Phoenix becomes old, it bursts itself become ashes, and from there, it can reborn. The other ability of the Phoenix is to heal people 's wound. It is proven when it heals Harry Potter 's wound that causes by Basilisk, a giant serpent and saves Harry 's

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