A Brave New World: Character Analysis

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Lailah Gifty Akita, once said,“If you do not ask questions, how can you find the answers you seek?” (Lailah Gifty Akita, 2009) In other words if you don’t question your surroundings you will never move forward. This is a common theme in John, a character from Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley. John is a lonely truth seeker, he constantly questions his surroundings, who tries tries to unveil the truth. Although he may seem like a heroic guy, he is a complete alien to society in Brave New World. He is the catalyst for change in a society that does not want change he is the representation of Jesus, the truth and isolation.
Happiness and the truth are completely incompatible, there is only one option. Happiness in Brave New World is mainly
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He first is isolated outside of the World State but not just from the.The people of the savage reservation isolate him from practicing the religion and grammar of the Savages. They do this because his mother Linda, was not born in the reservation and, her provocative ways were frowned upon, such as reading material from the past to develop and break away from her conditioning. John knows that he will never fit into the reservation if he can’t practice the rituals or the language. The reservation is also gated all the way around so if the savages try to leave they can’t. John leaves leaves the reservation,and tries to fit in at the World State. He believes his mom when she says “nobody was ever alone there."(Huxley, 62) John believes that he can finally understand what it is like to fit in. But when he gets there. there is a huge dilemma he can’t fit into the World State because he is born of a real mother. Because of him being born by a mother, he is not able to join any of the classes, he is not conditioned for any of them. John is now in a community where people can’t express their emotions and feelings. When John does try to express his feelings, the people do not understand what he is doing. This leads to the people not wanting him in the community they don’t understand him and when people don’t understand things they tend to push them away. Even John does not understand this community of drugged up people. He decides to leave, he sees isolation as a form of relief he wants to live by himself. It’s strange John throughout his life was conditioned to be isolated, he is always wanting to be a part of something. When he is a part of the community, he feels very uncomfortable like there is something telling him that he does not belong. He misses the idea of him being alone and being free from the norms of

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