The Themes Of Emotions In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the citizens of the World State rarely speak about the past, but when they do; it is only regarded as a age of strong emotions that caused violence anguish, and instability. Thus, they completely eradicated all feelings from their society, even though emotions were an essential factor in shaping history, both the beneficial and the detrimental. When the World State chooses to only experience happiness, it implies that all humans from back were living a sinful and incorrect life through feeling scandalous emotions, such as love, which is demeaning. Moreover, decantation and hypnopaedia only serve to portray how past teachings, as well as past processes to conceive and raise children are unsanitary, inefficient, …show more content…
Through degrading the past, particularly parenting, the World State seems, by comparison, like a perfect, virtuous utopia. Consequently, stability in the caste system is maintained, for the citizens of the World State believe that they are content living for the good of the whole society, so as long as they live in what they interpret as a perfect world.
Throughout the novel, since emotions are a fundamental aspect of history, the World State citizens demean the past by rejecting the freedom to experience a full range of emotions that humanizes society. Instead, they choose to only feel virtue and happiness. The World Controller, Mustapha Mond, flippantly whisks away strong emotions, such as love, innocence, and anger, to portray them as human fragilities, for “passion means instability. And instability means the end of civilization.” In order to constantly feel happiness and bliss, the citizens indulge in promiscuous activities and play mindless games that offer instant pleasure, as seen with the orgy porgy rituals and obstacle golf. As a result, the people are void of all personality and individuality since every person feels and act in the same manner. Moreover, the children, generally the most
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Moreover, we dearly hope that they will never arise again for the sake of our lives and peace. Portraying parents in such a negative light renders them unsightly and undesirable. With the creation of decantation and the assembly line, parents are removed from their main role, conceiving and creating children. Now, there are many more prefered artificial methods, such as bokanovsky , that produce efficiently assemble humans that are of certain desired height, intelligence, and appearance, fit to fulfill their niche in society. Not only does the World State regard mothers and fathers as revolting, they also view them as obsolete. In addition, in place of parents each instilling certain values and knowledge into their children, the government uses hypnopaedia as a tool to further assert their control over the people. What is more, the teachings of the World State oppose those of parents. More often than not, mothers and fathers advice children to avoid recreational drug use, fight social hierarchies, not have meaningless sexual intercourse, and never become materialistic. However, hypnopaedia encourages soma abuse, the caste system, promiscuity, and

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