The Themes Of Colonialism And Slavery During The Narrative Of The Novel ' The Three Narratives '

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desertification of Mauritania tended to abandon their slave holdings because the depletion of their herds made it difficult to feed and house slaves (Citation, DOS Report). This narrative presents slavery as a consequent of regional and economic factors such that slave owners are not necessarily Arab, but are land owners.
Incongruous Narratives of Slavery and Differing Characteristics of Masters and Slaves
The three narratives posited above present three different explanations for the social conditions that begat and propagate slavery. And while narrative one and narrative two identify the main differentiating characteristic between masters and slaves as ethnic and racial, the third predominant narrative differentiates masters and slaves by geography and land owning status. The variations in these narratives speak to the lack of empirical data on the population proportion and the demographics of slaves and slave holders. Without knowing how much of population is enslaved and the demographics of the population it is impossible to truly determine what social narrative applies to the sustainment of Mauritanian slavery and what broadly characterizes slaves from masters. Without this information it is impossible to construct competent policy since we cannot identify the vulnerable and the social factors which lead to their enslavement. However, while there is no empirical justification for these narratives they present interesting considerations for potential theoretical…

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