What Is The Theme Of The Hand By Colette

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The Hand by Colette. The theme of this story is that people may seem scary and monstrous on the outside, but they are really kind hearted and caring on the inside. In the story, the husband and wife had just gotten married, and they hadn’t known each other for a long time. The husband was asleep in his wife’s arms that night. She wasn’t asleep like he was. It seemed that she was just studying him. The good and the bad things about him. She noticed his long eyelashes, his skin, and then his hand. She was so afraid of his hand. She thought it was monstrous and horrid. She was scared of what it could do, or what it would do to her. The husband was a nice man to the woman, but she was afraid of him because of his looks. “And I’ve kissed that hand!..How …show more content…
‘Do you want this slice, darling? I’ll butter it for you.’ She shuddered and felt her skin crawl on the back of her arms and down her back. ‘Oh, no…no.’” In the Hand, the wife becomes afraid of the husband because of what he looks like. He tries to be polite and generous to her, not knowing that she is afraid, and she refused to let him butter her toast, and kissed the monstrous hand, beginning the life she began with him. This evidence reveals that my theme is true because it shows you how she was afraid of what she had noticed of the man. The Hand by Colette. The theme of this story is that people may reveal themselves as monstrous and scary on the outside, but they may be kind hearted and loving on the inside. This matters because the wife of this man is judging him by his appearance. The true thing that matters in a person is their personality and how they treat you. The husband is protective of the wife even in his sleep, and generous and kind to her. She realizes that, but she is afraid of his looks and

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