Survival In Margaret Atwood's Novels

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Atwood’s novels deal with the hidden subjugated world of women where injustice in society pushes them towards darkness. Margaret Atwood also depicts the internal urge of women to break all conventional identities in order to live with freedom. Margaret also shows many examples where a victim in the novel adopts the path of survival and later enables her identity or self-free from any sort of conventional clutches where woman is seen as an object for sexual pleasure or for doing monotonous house hold works of washing clothes or sweeping floors. The paper traces the woman’s survival that defines her place as a woman in this world through the novels of Margaret Atwood. Her novels deal with the theme of survival as projected by the female protagonists of her novels. …show more content…
human, search of self-identity, Southern Ontario Gothic, underdog-heroes, urban vs. rural and women empowerment. As she is claimed as a feminist writer of nineteen sixties, she has tried to encompass all experiences as a woman, as a female and as a writer. Atwood is under strong influence of nationalism. Her feminism is also related to her sense of feminism, nationalism and both the Canadian and female identity. Her critical writings prove her quest for survival and gender consciousness. In her novels, she has channeled out beautiful caves behind her character and their personalities, and thus takes the reader to the past memory through which the present is focused and lived. In her novels, Atwood deals with women’s intimate and authentic experiences and she draws a self –portrait of woman as the artist and hero who is faithful to her own inner

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