The Theme Of Suicide In Hamlet

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In Hamlet suicide is such a prominent theme, it can be found being mentioned by the cast, like Hamlet, the Queen, and King Hamlet 's ghostly self. It 's not only what truly drives the story forward, but makes the meat of the play. Diving into the theme itself, we can usually look at Hamlet to find one way suicide can be seen. The theme 's main topics would be how it 's morally, religiously, and aesthetically seen and not seen in the play.

Suicide itself is normally seen as a shameful way to pass, sympathy is less passed towards the victim as a result. Apart from those that wouldn 't have known the person that took their own life, to the people that have, will have mixed feelings about the act of suicide. On one hand, there would be anger
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It 's mostly seen as a way out though to get the easy relief of being trapped from a seemingly horrible life. Though this isn 't to forget the fact what happens after death. King Hamlet wanders as ghost comes asking if death is worse or being completely forgotten after death, which the people of his kingdom have not, Hamlet especially. Religion plays a huge role in making suicide look horrifying and to be avoided, it 'll be what stops Hamlet to think if suicide is truly worth it.

What makes killing one 's self so forbidden is religion, it motivates one to find a resolution to that suicidal tendency. Morals and religion work together to motivate one 's characteristics and motives. In Claudius ' case, his acts get himself and others killed, for that he would be the ultimate example to not follow. He has encouraged those to contemplate suicide, which in turn, eventually causes one to follow through with suicide and be the ultimate reason for the chaos and death happening within the castle he
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He is moving on from his obsession over death, accepting fate to do its work on what will happen to him and his family. It 's a relief to his long unanswered question, even though in the end his death comes anyways. The eventual death of most of the cast comes before his eyes as well as leaving fate to be discussed in whether or not Hamlet 's resolution mattered in the end.

Now to religion, morals, and aesthetics together, what makes up the entirety of the play 's opinion of suicide. On one hand death is common and will be seen or heard of almost every day, people killing merely for the past or greed, cutting your own lifeline is not considered right. The queen does see Ophelia 's death as beautiful and calm, though, possibly more beautiful than in life, but her opinion is the one positive of the many negatives of

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