The Theme Of Revenge In Wuthering Heights

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Wounds created by either emotional, or physical damage can cause an endless amount of suffering. This irreparable damage can lead to one of the most destructive motivations a human can seek: revenge. Emily Brontë presents this evil force in her novel, “Wuthering Heights” as a prominent theme that drives her characters to their unpromising future. Revenge is noted in the actions of several characters, but revenge is most significantly distinguished in Heathcliff, the protagonist. Through the vindictive actions presented, Brontë revealed that while some victims were too broken to retaliate most perpetrators and victims prioritized redeeming their pride and dignity instead of striving for their own well-being. The cycle of revenge, is begun …show more content…
Heathcliff’s revenge on Hindley came with no obstructions because Hindley Earnshaw was a drunk and had issues with gambling. Likewise, how Hindley deprived Heathcliff from an education, Heathcliff deprived Hareton, Hindley’s son, from an education by promising him that “the curate should have his –teeth dashed down his –throat, if he stepped over the threshold” (101). By preventing Hareton from gaining an education, Heathcliff is able to lessen Hareton’s rank and quality of life. Heathcliff’s actions against Hareton parallel the actions Heathcliff suffered at the hands of Hindley. Also because Edgar separated him from Catherine, Heathcliff marries Isabella, the foolish sister of Edgar. Revenge is so prominent in the novel that Isabella soon grew a hatred for Heathcliff that made her want vengeance. She had thoughts filled with the blessings she would have if Hindley would “send Heathcliff to his right adobe”and although she warned Heathcliff of Hindley’s plans she refused to let Heathcliff in and told him to “die like a faithful dog” over Catherine’s grave (Brontë 161-162). Because Heathcliff made Isabella so miserable, her dignity and pride would not be fulfilled without her getting vengeance on him as well. Heathcliff completes his revenge on made Hindley die “in debt”, so Heathcliff was given ownership of Wuthering Heights (170).However, even though Heathcliff’s reprisal was effective, it did not bring him joy because Catherine died. Heathcliff became so consumed with his vengeance that he let Catherine slip away, exposing that he let his pride get in the way of his happiness leading him into a world full of misery. Undeniably, revenge dominates the plot because although Heathcliff was infatuated with love for Catherine he did not fight for their love. Heathcliff’s revenge reveals his

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