The Theme Of Power And Evil In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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- Everyone is born with evil inside them; it is just a matter of how far someone will take these ideas to push the person to their breaking point.
- We see in this Shakespeare play that evil is the common piece that links both Macbeth’s together along with the witches too.
- There is also the supernatural element with the witches messing with fate and free will of Macbeth.
- When Lady Macbeth hears the prophecy that her husband will becoming king of Scotland, it is that idea of more power which kick starts the evil inside her.
- Because the only way someone would be able to dethrone a king was to kill him.
- In Act 1 Scene 7, Lady Macbeth is using her influence as being the wife, to convince Macbeth to kill Duncan, the king of Scotland. She tells him that he 's a “coward and is not a real man if he doesn 't do it.” So from analyzing this part it seems that Lady Macbeth has far more power and evil influence over her husband than the witches do. (Usingenglish)
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- We can also see that Macbeth is to blame because if he did not have his “tunnel vision” towards being crowned the king of Scotland, he would not have been so aspiring and would not have wanted to go through with his deceitful plans. (Usingenglish)
- One thing that should be clearly noted is when Hecate, the leader of the 3 witches, comes up to them and gives them a short talk on messing with Macbeth’s mind.
- This shows that Hecate is conscious of what will happen because of what the witches had told Macbeth, and what ideas they had planted in his

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