Medea By Euripides: Character Analysis

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In Medea, Euripides uses character to develop the theme of marriage and shows how a lopsided marriage can be disastrous. Medea has “her heart on fire with passionate love for Jason” (1). Her impulsive nature leads her to sacrifice everything, including her family and homeland, in order to be with Jason. However, she soon realizes that Jason was not the man she thought he was, when she is soon struck with bitter grief and betrayal. Jason’s disloyalty is shown when Euripides states, “Jason has taken a royal wife to his bed, deserting his own children and mistress” (1). However, she cannot do much about the situation because of her status as a woman in society. Jason’s unfaithfulness to his bond of marriage with Medea would soon trigger the tragic set of events in the play. Medea foolishly falls in love with Jason, a man whom she barely knew, who takes advantage of her status and affection for him. Jason attempts to satisfy his lust for higher status and power by marrying Glauce, daughter of King Creon. Medea loses her home and place in society because of his actions. She begins to realize the true nature of her marriage with Jason when she points out: “And he, my own husband, has turned out wholly vile. We women are the most unfortunate creature. For us to buy a husband and take …show more content…
He portrays Medea as a tragic hero whose conscience would soon be tainted with malicious intentions after being neglected by her husband, Jason. He is depicted as an opportunistic and deceptive man who goes behind his entire family’s back in order to advance his station. It is the struggle between their relationship that later turns Medea’s love into raging fury and jealousy for Jason, leaving the play in a state of conflict. The dramatic development centering around their marriage would soon turn the play into one of Greek 's greatest

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