The Theme Of Humor In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is, undoubtedly, a story devoted to darkness. Through its tone, theme, and setting, Heart of Darkness leaves the reader feeling many different emotions: sadness, anger, depression—realizations about the world we live in can be difficult—but does it leave a reader laughing? One might find it difficult to believe that there is any amount of humor inside Heart of Darkness, but that would depend mostly on the person reading it. Robert D. Ford certainly found some humor in Heart of Darkness and wrote a paper about it titled “The Humor in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.” Robert D. Ford’s paper conveys the idea that there is humor within Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and that idea certainly holds merit. To begin, …show more content…
Or when Marlow is telling Kurtz’s fiancée the greatest lie that he’s ever told, there’s no joke there. In fact, one could argue that a vast majority of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness lacks even a smidgen of humor. However, an argument that there is no humor inside the work would be a hard one to support. As a reader goes through Conrad’s piece they will find that, just as Ford argues, Marlow’s words tend to flow in a way that is extremely sarcastic, and there are many nonsensical situations within the story, such as a man being murdered over two chickens, that the humor is outstanding (especially when Marlow meets them with terribly blunt phrasing). That being said, Ford’s ideas are well supported within the story, bringing a great deal of merit to what he’s written within his essay. A reader of Heart of Darkness that would like to do further research would find Ford’s work to be incredibly useful if they wished to better understand the story they were researching. Ford brings something to the table that not many would even begin to think about when looking at a story as dark as Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Without a shadow of a doubt, Ford’s essay deserves recommendation within a scholarly

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