Freedom In Fight Club

Let’s Be Free The narrator has been so lost throughout the book, trying to hit rock bottom so he can find who he really is and what his role in society is. In the meantime, Tyler was “using” his body to go do his terrible deeds and destroy society to the best of his ability. Marla couldn’t do anything but stand by and watch because she didn’t know the narrator as himself. The narrator tries his best to balance himself out and control Tyler but he is exhausted and doesn’t have the ability to fight him off. The only thing the narrator could do, in his opinion, was to shoot himself just so Tyler would stop his destruction. In the book, Fight Club by Chuck Palanhiuk, the main theme of the story is freedom from society.
Tyler was created because of the lack of connection the narrator had with the people around him. The narrator was lost and didn’t know what to do with himself because of his insomnia and attended so many support groups because of it. He wasn’t rejected from the support groups because the members thought he was sick just like they were. He then “met” Tyler who then wanted to make Fight Club as a way for men to overcome the
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The narrator could not allow Tyler to continue controlling his life and destroying society and when he discovered Tyler was a figment of his imagination he wanted to stop him even more. The narrator wanted to get rid of Tyler, Project Mayhem, and all of the Fight Clubs. Tyler did not want to leave and this conflict was resolved with the narrator shooting himself and killing Tyler. In the last chapter of the novel, the narrator explains what “heaven” is like. I noticed that the narrator seemed as if he was in a mental hospital and did not physically die. He got rid of Tyler for now but he can and probably will come back at some point. In the end, the narrator is still mentally troubled but at least he is fighting off Tyler from coming

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