The Theme Of Faith In Elie Wiesel's Night

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As Hamaoui translates from the memoir Night “The passage uses the poetry and language of faith to affirm a shattering of faith”(Hamaoui 128). The Jewish people struggling to survive the Holocaust are using faith and religion to keep themselves alive. Over time the Jews begin to question God’s willingness to stop the Holocaust. The loss of faith is hard for Elie to keep moving forward in the fight for freedom. Elie starts to believe God has left them to die, so they begin to abandon religion. In Elie Wiesel’s memoir, Night, faith and religious beliefs start to fade as the Jews struggle for their life during the Holocaust. While in the ghettos, the Jewish people, including Elie, have faith and continue praising God. As a child Elie wants to devote his life to religion and live by the rule of God. Praising God gives the Jews hope of being free again. Even if they have a bad day, they maintain faith in God. They believe He will save them, so they even fast. At the …show more content…
The Holocaust led many people to believe God is not there for them. Elie went from devoting himself to religion to avoiding the thought of God leaving the prisoners for dead. For instance Roth introduces the idea that , “A Holocaust universe can be the outcome of no God” (Roth 35). The Jewish population have no one to look to for guidance because they believe God left them to die. In the beginning Elie and every other person went to God for guidance, but God has vanished. The Jew’s faith in anything has disappeared and by the end they are corpses. They gave up on religion because they did not have the energy to praise Him; they barely have enough energy to survive. The prisoners believe God is pushing them, so they start to resent Him. The only thing that matters to the Jews is surviving to the next day. When going through a hardship, people tend to cling on to something, for the Jew’s they begin to cling on

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