What Is The Theme Of Death In Hamlet

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Theme of Drama “Tragedy of Hamlet” is death. In the first scene, hamlet returns to Denmark for his dead father funeral, after meeting with ghost he planned his uncle death. Then the death of Ophelia, Polonius, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern all relate to the theme. In act 3 scene 1, a hopeless prince Hamlet deliberate death and suicide in his famous soliloquy “to be or not to be”. In which he asks question from himself that whether he should kill himself or let himself suffer from the pain.
As there is no teacher of death, who can understand death better than us or who knows about death more than us. We all have equal knowledge about death and we are also equal in thinking about death. Because no one has returned from death and told us what
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And some thinks that death is the full stop and there is nothing after death as our bodies decompose after death. But one thing is clear that death is a wall and all of us born facing it (this wall). From that moment on, every step we take lead us towards this wall doesn’t matter which way we turn. In hamlet’s soliloquy “To be or not to be” he tried to assure the idea that death is really nothing more than just kind of sleep, and no one will never wake you up. “To die, to sleep;To sleep: perchance to dream”. One thing that disturbs Hamlet is that if death is a sleep than it must have its own dreams. This would be his new life. And these dreams are freighting unknown. That’s why Hamlet is afraid of death because he thinks that his afterlife will be worse. He is in strange position, wishing and fearing from death ghastly. In Act 1 scene 2 when Hamlet says “O, that this too solid flesh would melt. Thaw and resolve itself into a dew!” it is first time he wishes to die, after knowing the expeditious marriage of his mother Gertrude to his uncle Claudius after immediate death of his father. And throughout act 2 Hamlet is settled to trap Claudius and demonstrate that Claudius killed his father. So he decided …show more content…
He has dispatch by a sorrow that has put him into a reflective depression, in which he even considers on taking his own life, and wishing that his ‘too solid flesh would melt’ but never wanted to act on these deliberations. Hamlet is good procrastinator and rolls around in his own pain to avenge his father. But he really didn’t follow these plans through. In drama it’s clear that Hamlet is protagonist but even more than Claudius death is antagonist in the play, as it is in reality. Hamlet has in his mind that he too will someday die. This idea of death compels him to plot revenge. Mostly he thinks about his own morality and true meaning of life. In the beginning of his most famous speech “To be or not to be, that is the question’ in which he means, what difference it makes to live or to die? What’s the point? The thing that most bother Hamlet is not his father’s death but the sudden marriage of his mother with his uncle Claudius. Because he thinks if someone is forgotten so quickly after his death, then life has really no meaning at all.
Hamlet insistently raises the specter of death, through the use of words and images in his language. And the distressful end of the play in which the protagonist dies, and caused the death of many others. “All that lives must die” the protagonist himself confronts the concept of death and mostly talk about the same issue to himself. But somehow he does reach to acceptance

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