The Theme Of Death In A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner

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Death is inevitable; it is certainly true that on one is leaving this life alive. In “A Rose for Emily,” by William Faulkner, death pervades throughout the story. Faulkner tells the life story of an elderly woman from the town of Jefferson. Emily Grierson, the story’s main character, had a very rough life filled with the death of loved ones, mental illness, loneliness, and her misconceptions of love; all of which left her feeling empty.
Throughout Emily Grierson’s life, her father kept her from most social contact and courtship. He would always comment that no one was good enough for his little girl. Because of her father, she does not have any friends and when he dies it is almost as if she has a mental breakdown. “Miss Emily met them at the
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In the end, Emily gives into death as well. She attempts to overcome death by denying the fact that death exists or has happened. Emily has a strange relationship with the bodies of the men she has loved. After her father passes away her necrophilia becomes evident to all those around her. When her lover dies, she refuses to believe he is dead, even though she is the one who killed him. By murdering her lover, she believes she is able to keep him. However, in reality, she lost him forever, and he became permanently distant from her. The grey hair at the end of the story represents love and love lost. In all of Emily’s attempts to acquire love, she destroyed her chances of ever truly attaining it.
I believe that Emily Grierson should have had treatment for her mental illness. If the townspeople had not acted so ignorantly after her father’s death, they would have realized the signs and symptoms of her mental problems. If the people had shown more compassion to Emily, I believe her life would have had a better outcome. She desperately needed someone to guide and direct her in the right

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